i really liked how the author explained the reason of his arguement.. if you guys have time please read the article.. this is about curvy women 🙂


University of Vienna

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 I spent a week in Vienna and since one of my best friend studies at Universität Wien, I decided to accompany her to the classes she had to attend. The experience was amazing, I can`t…

struggles of a body conscious person

i know i gained 2 kilos for the last year. being 4’11 in height, having a 52 kg weight is a critical stage for my BMI. this was worsten when i gained 2 kilos during the school year. now i fall to the overweight category. this is extremely awful and depressing time for me. but i tap my butt off the couch and sit haha searched in the net about this craze known as “thinspo” later i found out that it promotes anorexia and somehow bulimia which i am not in favor.i was once a victim of bulimia and it is really painful for me. so i stop watching thinspo vids. i end up wanting a body in the fitspo which promotes healthy lifestyle thru exercise, proper meal consumption and self acceptance.

as i watch videos and stare at before and after  pictures i realized how much i can help my body. so there you have it, i started running again then waking up early to have my exercise and for my meal. i only consume  1 cup of rice a day that’s for lunch, for breakfast i have oats, tea or coffee and boiled egg. then no dinner or sometimes fruits. 

after 3 weeks i returned to my previous weight which is 52 kgs. and i am trying to set new goals for my body! 🙂 keep on!! 

take time to think :)

can you share top five lovely things you did for yourself? and how these things affect the way you’ll be living the next years 🙂


ill start 🙂

5. i was able to start my dream blogging habit 🙂 

well i got a chance to be friends with other people who has great ideas and can magically share their thoughts 🙂

4. i started informal painting trials :))

i know i have a little bit of talent here that’s why i really wanted to try it 🙂

3. i bought fitness tools and be able to use them :))) 

i have my own bike, waist trimmer and dumbbells and a fitness ball which was the Christmas gift of my adoring boyfriend 🙂 since i am putting great effort to keep in shape, i was able to finish one lap of jog in our place’s running field. well that is just 400m but it is still a real deal for me hellya i cannot even finish 50 meters before :)) hoorayay

2.  i spent some of my money wisely.

all of us love to buy things or food but afraid to lose those resources. this year i was able to buy stuff that are worth the price. since i am just working for 2 years, and not a fan of branded clothing, i was able to buy a lovely black dress worth 2,000 pesos. in my lifestyle that’s a bit costly but i think it is an investment, also because i know i can still use the lovely dress. 🙂 also  i can eat the food that i’m dying to eat!!!! yeah love to spoil my self with good food 🙂 now i am heading to healthy ones to further help my self :))

1. allowing my self to love and be loved by a wonderful person like joseph charlie 🙂

thank you for coming and staying in my life 🙂 you are the best choice and i love everything about us. not just happy ever after but reality ever after 🙂 

now it’s your turn to share what you think! i will be more motivated and inspired to your’s! 


beya 🙂

PS.. i got this photo from google 🙂


i’m a pain in my boss’ ass right now! i feel so unmotivated to give my best these past few days… im trying my best to regain and finish my tasks but i just feel soooooooooo tired and unhappy 😦