how to be beautiful? Girl Talk 101

we girls always wonder if we are pretty enough to suffice our inner shallow or deep insecurities. i’ve personally had really terrible struggle about my self and my insecurity… and from all the readings that i had, here are the most common tips on how to be a pretty you 🙂

1. BE CONFIDENT. nothing (no one) beats a confident and well -poised woman. most girls are trying to be someone they are not to impress others, some lurk down into a corner and cry like  a baby about their insecurities and do nothing. you need to accept who you are. everything about you is perfect when you started here on Earth! your height, color, face, shape, hair, weight and genes. you are biologically just be like what you are but you make the “WHO you are” treat yourself right to tumble down insecurities and it will reveal the real confident you. just don’t over do it 🙂


2. BE SMART and WISE. most people find these two words perfectly synonymous to one another but for me:

smart is when you are well informed of the general facts and events that is currently happening (wait being chismosa is a turn off) or it is when a lady stands up for a certain decision or point without bashing other people.

how to be smart??? if you are not the geeky rank 1 in school or the cream of the crop, well get some NatGeo Mags or local news papers to have a head start.

wise is when you are being practical and smart. it may sound peculiar and clever but this is one rule in the game 🙂

3. TAME THAT TONGUE. talking about being smart, know when, where and how to use that tricky tongue of yours. speak when needed take note “when needed”. some people don’t like to hear unsolicited advice (esp. boys!).  just perk up your ears and be a good listener. it also adds a ray of light in your face when you mention one beautiful random thing on somebody everyday and it adds more glow to that somebody. trust me 🙂


4. DO THE 30-1 RULE. yeah i know you are about to skip this part. i’ll admit i hate to exercise. i used to be 66 kilos but since i started trying zumba and hula hoop.. it made my weight just 52 kilos only for just a month! don’t cut the eating just the calories.. then exercise 30 mins every day 🙂

5. LOL and XOXO. (laugh out loud… and hugs and kisses)  without LOL and XOXO we will have so many cortisol in the body this hormone is the stress hormone..!! tsk tsk! thinking of happy thought or being with happy people will eliminate this stress out off your body.  you’ll instead release endorphin which are happy hormones! being happy is also a bonus charm! make sure you have a good laugh and at least 7 hugs a day.. well the kiss is optional 🙂


you can actually spend the whole day searching for tips about being pretty, im just sharing you narrowed version of what you’ll read. be confident, be smart and wise, know when to speak, treat your body right and be a happy girl! enjoy your journey!!!


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